Pavement to Parks San Francisco


The Pavement to Parks program seeks to transform the dialogue about San Francisco's public realm and the role of public spaces in the life and vitality of the city. Experiments typically begin with short week-long and low-cost demonstration closures in unused portions of the street. Successful experiments are then temporarily closed for a year or more. Embraced by the community, some plazas are now transitioning to permanent status and capital upgrades, and new plaza locations are being discussed for the future.

Guidelines and Location Selection

The City welcomes suggestions for projects and locations that meet the criteria below.

  • Sizeable area of under-utilized roadway
  • Lack of public space in the surrounding neighborhood
  • Pre-existing community support for public space at the location
  • Potential to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety
  • Surrounding uses that can attract people and activate the space
  • Identified community or business steward

Propose a Pedestrian Plaza

DPW Director's Order 183,392

Pavement to Parks Plaza Proposal Package

Is there a place in your neighborhood where you'd like to test an idea for a temporary plaza? Perhaps it's an empty lot, a really wide but not often used part of a road, or small alley? Here is a proposal package that will help you get started on firming up your concept. Pavement to Parks can assess your proposal and advise on next steps to make sure that you build in stewardship, programming, and maintenance as part of the proposed idea. Proposals must be submitted by a sponsoring local organization; for example a Community Benefit District, Neighborhood Association, Merchants Association, or 'Friends of' group.

Download: Pavement to Parks Plaza Proposal Package [Version 1.0 PDF]



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