Pavement to Parks San Francisco

San Francisco Parklet Photos

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All the Pretty Parklets

Looking for parklet photos? Our Flickr page is a venerable treasure trove of parklet photography. The archive includes numerous print-quality images of San Francisco Parklets and other Pavement to Parks projects on.

You're welcome to use them in your article, report, presentation, master's thesis etcetera, but please credit the photographers and the San Francisco Planning Department. All of the images include captions with relevant citation information such as parklet host (sponsoring organization), designer and photographer.

Journalists looking for parklet photos should start with our Staff Favorites gallery.

If you're looking for a specific parklet, or images other Pavement to Parks projects, check-out our Collections page. The Parklet Collection is organized by parklet host address.


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Pavement to Parks San Francisco
San Francisco's Pavement to Parks Program works with neighborhoods to create and tests their ideas for new public spaces. Learn more »
Pavement to Parks is made possible with participation of the following City agencies:

Agencies: San Francisco Office of the Mayor, San Francisco Planning Department, SF Municipal Transportation Agency, San Francisco Public Works