Pavement to Parks San Francisco

Experimental Sidewalk Extension and Activation

Increasing pedestrian safety is a major priority for San Francisco. Pavement to Parks is exploring various types of temporary treatments at or near intersections. These interventions shorten crossing distrances, increase mutual of visibility of pedestrians and motorosists, and provide nieghborhood amenity.



Persia Triangle

Location: Ocean, Mission, and Persia Streets
P2P Role: Lead and facilitation
Partners: Excelsior Action Group; Out of Site Youth Art Center
Persia Triangle is considered the heart of the Excelsior Neighborhood. Pavement to Parks installed a one-day demonstration project in September 2013. We are planning to create a longer-term installation before permanent bulbs are built by the SFMTA.

Polk Street Alleyway Upgrades

Location: Polk Street between McAllister and Union, focused at key alleys and intersections.
Partners: Department of Public Works, SFMTA, SFBC
Goals: Increase safety for children to cross Frank Norris Street between Redding Elementary and adjacent playground; Revitalize and repurpose Fern Alley as an open space, building on prior successess of activation and beautification.
Powell Street PromenadeLINEAR PROMENADE

"Powell Street Promenade"

Location: Powell Street, from Ellis to Geary Streets.
Partner: Union Square Business Improvement
The Powell Street Promenade expands the sidewalk in one of San Francisco's most visited corridors. Powell Street is a vital connection between Union Square, Market Street, and the Powell Street transit station.
Castro Commonstemporary bulb

De-Appropriation Art Wall

Location: Valencia Street between 22nd and 23rd St
Sponsor: Bruce Tomb
The De-Appropriation Art Wall is an internationally renowned public art installation on the facade of a former SF Police Department building. A temporary platform will expand the sidewalk, providing a better venue for viewing the art.


Experimentation is an important function of urban design. Pavement to Parks in engaged in various small prototying projects. These movable fixtures respond to lack of open space, peak-time bicycle parking demand, and other local needs in a flexible manner.




Location: within the Yerba Buena Community Benefit District
Partners: YBCBD, Various local merchants

Conceived as part of the YB Street Life Plan, the fleet of six Parkmobiles are positioned at different locations throughout the YBCBD for 3 to 6 months.
mobile parklet

Ocean Avenue Portable Parklet

Location: Ocean Avenue between Manor Drive and Fwy 280
Partners: Ocean Avenue CBD, Youth Art Exchange

A mobile parklet is one of many initiatives leading up to the resdesign of Ocean Avenue.
movable fixture

Portable Bicycle Corral

Location: within the Yerba Buena Community Benefit District
Partners: YBCBD, SPUR

The Mobile Bicycle Corral is deployed during special events and other peak times of bike parking demand. The concept design by Pedalution (Capo, Guerevitz and MacDonald) was fabricated by Spoke Systems.
Castro Commonsone-day testing

Urban Prototyping Festival

Partners: Intersection for the Arts, GAFFTA, Mayor's Office of Innovation

The Urban Prototyping Street Festival was held in October 2012 and featured performances, food, and expert speakers on the future of urban innovation.


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